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Save Time and Money on Probate of A Small Estate

Even if the decedent did no advance estate planning, it may still be possible to avoid Probate. Massachusetts banking laws provide a way for small bank accounts and small accounts in credit unions to be distributed without any need for probate.

If probate is needed for a small estates consisting entirely of personal property, we can use the streamlined Voluntary Administration approach. Real estate cannot be transferred through this procedure; an Informal or Formal Probate is required to transfer title to real estate. Also, the Voluntary Executor or Administrator does not have the ability to start litigation to recover for personal injury or damages; a formal probate is required to start litigation.

Mass. Probate Code
Effective April 2012
Total Estate Value
Probate of small estate when there is a will.
Probate of small estate when there is no will.
Stocks valued under $750 or stock accounts totalling $2,100 or less. Mass. Gen Laws Ch. 196 §9

Small estates can go through Probate within a few weeks, at lower cost than full probate proceedings. We accept paypal for the convenience of out of state clients who need to settle a Massachusetts estate.

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